Price List(tax inclusive)

Relaxation Courses

・20min Mini Massage 2,750 yen
・50min Premium Relaxation Massage 5,500 yen
・80min Ultimate Relaxation Massage 8,800 yen
Sessions may be extended by an extra 10mins for 1,100 yen.
(Depends on availability)

Bodywork Courses
(Sat & Sun Only)

Manual Therapy Course (40-50 mins) 5,500 yen
Recommended for alleviating specific discomfort such as backache, shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, headache, whiplash and knee pain. Aimed at recovering range of motion by manipulation and muscle stimulation. Keeping your goals in mind, we strive to provide long term results.

Reiki & Head Massage
(Therapist Mayumi Only)

Head Therapy & Reiki(50mins) 5,500 yen
Relaxation Massage & Reiki(80mins) 8,800 yen
Head Therapy(20mins) 2,750 yen
Reiki is energy work that is transmitted through the hands, allowing one to regain their inherent power of mind and body. Stimulating the head promotes lymphatic and blood circulation, reduces swelling, alleviates insomnia, eye strain, and neck and shoulder stiffness. Activates the brain which helps balance the autonomic nervous system as well.

– Additional 600 yen onsen fee needed.
– Home visits also available. Please inquire.

Relaxation Massage