Q1Should I take an onsen (hot spring) before or after the session?
A1For our relaxation courses we recommend you take one before the session. Better circulation throughout the body will allow you to have a deeper relaxation experience. For our Manual Therapy sessions we recommend you come before an onsen as body patterns for understanding the cause of the issue may be easier to detect that way.
Q2What should I wear to the session?
A2Please come in loose comfortable clothing. Avoid skirts and tight pants.
Q3Can I extend my session on the spot?
A3Yes, if there are no bookings after that.
Q4Which payment methods do you accept?
A4We accept payments in the following methods: cash, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Diner’s Club, Discover), PayPay, LINEPay, iD, QUICPay, ApplePay, and most pre-paid transportation cards such as Suica.
Q5Are there any circumstances when I should not request a treatment?
A5We may ask you to refrain from receiving massage therapy if you have a fever, a contagious disease, are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or have had recent surgery. A full list of these can be found on the booking site when you make a reservation.
Q6Are you taking any precautions regarding COVID-19?
A6We have been observing the following precautions to ensure that the spread of the COVID-19 virus is minimized as much as possible.
– All staff and guests to wear a face mask before and after each session
– Change face sheets and face towels after each guest
– Sterilize utensils with alcohol after every session
– Guests must sterilize their hands
– Guests must have their temperature checked